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Three months ago I went to visit a friend of mine at 1004 estate somewhere around Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

When I stepped into the estate I was taken aback by how beautiful the estate is. That wasn’t exactly what blew my mind. 

I asked him "Chief, why is it named 1004 estate?"

"Oh that? Urr... it’s because there are 1004 floors in each building and there are over 300 buildings in that estate." He answered.

When we got to his apartment, he said to me, 

“You see, Milton, This is exactly how Life and business is. The time that they spent building the foundation of each building in this estate is different from that of your regular bungalow.”

“There are two types of legacy in Life” he continued. 

“We have the bungalow legacy and the skyscraper Legacy. The depth of your foundation determines the type of legacy you will leave behind and how long you will last in any industry"

That's something to think about...

How long do you want to last in your industry?

Think Depth gives and offers you deep and insightful principles that will help you last long in any industry.

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when you purchase the book you have access to...

Think Depth Guru Class

When you purchase the book you have FREE access to a N40,000 training with Edirin Edewor, Emeka Nobis, Sam Obafemi, Nnanke Essien,  Nnamani Czar, Padebi Ojomo, Ruth Zabairu, Kemi Oyesola, Larry Leo and yours truly, Milton Tutu.

The Goal of this training is to help you build businesses and systems that transcends beyond time. To help you do and be DEEP.

6 of my best courses

Getting the book gives you access to be enrolled in my academy and have 5 of my best of my courses totally for FREE.

3 of my books are yours

Purchasing the book gives you access to 3 of my books and they are "At the River Bank, Thought Leadership Teaching Module, Self Mastery for business owners

                                                   What you are getting.

  1.  FREE ticket to Think Depth Guru Class N40,0000
  2.  Access to 6 of my best courses and they are;
  • Results Guru Beta Course N10,000
  • Thought Leadership Profiting Module N15,000
  • Phenomenal Copy-writing Secrets N10,000
  • Pillars of Ultimate Leaadership N25,000
  • Boost your sales with hypnosis N30,000
  • Storytelling for customers attraction and profits N35,000

3. Three of my books

  • At the River Bank N2,000
  • Self Mastery for business owners ​N3,500​​​
  • Thought Leadership Teaching Module N2,000

                                                                                         TOTAL = N172,500



One of my mentors will always tell me I'm ahead of my peers, it took me a  long time to grasp what he was referring to. Reading Milton Tutu's "Think Depth" was reaffirming. Laced with simple words and easy-to-use methods, this book helps you to build yourself to last. If you want to go deep and go far, read this book.

Dayo Samuel
Creator, The Fear Resolve Process
Lead, Audacity2Lead

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The river cannot tell of it's own depths; only a foreign body can. This is why when you tell deep people they are deep they don't realize it cause it comes naturally to them. - Milton Tutu

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