This is not just a book! This is an experience that will show you how to build a life and business that transcends beyond time.​​​​

If you truly want to build a life or business that  will not just make you wealthy but leave a legacy, then this book is for you.

Emeka Nobis

In my life I've begun thinking of eternity and miscibility. How can I be dead yet alive? It means that by rising to share my ideologies with
undying passion and calling out to as many souls and lighting them, eternity is possible.

When your business and values are in congruence for the greater service of humanity, miscibility is achieved. It circles around to peace and harmony and a higher purpose.  It means that my business is so intricately weaved into me that I breathe and live it excitedly. It means doing a bigger work in someone else's life and which spreads a web that touches others.

THINK DEPTH is what it is - a call to both. When you achieve both, you've ascended above the pedestal of mere mortals.

This is what THINK DEPTH immortalizes.

Three months ago I went to visit a friend of mine at 1004 estate somewhere around Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

When I stepped into the estate I was taken aback by how beautiful the estate is.

That wasn’t exactly what blew my mind. 

I asked him "Chief, why is it named 1004 estate?"

"Oh that? Urr... it’s because there are 1004 floors in each building and there are over 300 buildings in that estate." He answered.

When we got to his apartment, he said to me...

“You see, Milton, This is exactly how Life and business is. The time that they spent building the foundation of each building in this estate is different from that of your regular bungalow.”

“There are two types of legacy in Life” he continued. 

“We have the bungalow legacy and the skyscraper Legacy. The depth of your foundation determines the type of legacy you will leave behind and how long you will last in any industry"

This is exactly what THINK DEPTH is about...

It is not just a book. It is an experience!!!

Here is what Clinton Nnaji had to say about THINK DEPTH​​​

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